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Tour Fit for Golf was started to help recreational golfers of all standards; from beginner to scratch, from young to veteran; optimise their health and therefore their golf performance.

If you want to improve your game and at the same time become healthier and fitter, just join Tour Fit for Golf and we will show you how.

There is now a large body of opinion that supports both the premiss that golf is a healthy pursuit and that by being as healthy as you can be, golfers can improve their handicaps and enjoyment of the game. Tour Fit for Golf can show you how.

Better health and fitness equals better golfing performance, this is clear from the changes the top players have all made to their regimes and the improvements in scores, distance and the longevity of career they now enjoy. Since Tiger burst onto the scene in 1996 and took the golf world by storm, golf professionals of all levels have recognised the need to optimise their fitness and health. You can now do the same!

Working exclusively with the PGA European Tour Medical Unit and the PGA European Tour Physiotherapy Unit, Tour Fit for Golf brings never before available access to all the advice and expertise enjoyed by the elite of the European Tour.

Week by week Tour Fit for Golf will bring you advice and action plans to enable you to optimise your health and fitness, reduce your general health risk and maximise your golfing performance.

Just by improving what you eat before, during and after your round can ensure that you play to your best potential by not tiring on those last few holes. As a member of Tour Fit for Golf you will get the benefit of advice from top experts in nutrition as and when you need it and tailored to your individual body type and needs.

It is not just us at Tour Fit for Golf that thinks health matters a recent study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden thinks so to. Their conclusion published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports found that Golf Prolongs Life.

According to a new study from the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institute, the death rate for golfers is 40 per cent lower than for other people of the same sex, age and socio-economic status, which correspond to a 5 year increase in life expectancy. Golfers with a low handicap are the safest.

We are all aware that exercise is good for your health, but the health benefits of specific activities such as golf, until recently, were unknown.

In 2008, a team of researchers from Karolinska Institutet presented their study on the health effects of playing golf, in which over 600,000 Swedes engage in on a regular basis.

The study, published in Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, is based on data from 300,000 Swedish golfers and shows that golf has beneficial health effects. The death rate amongst golfers in the research group was 40 per cent lower than the rest of the population, which translates to an increased life expectancy of 5 years.

Professor Anders Ahlbom, who led the study with Bahman Farahmand, was not surprised at the results given the nature of the game as a form of healthy, low intensity exercise:

"A round of golf means being outside for four or five hours, walking at a fast pace for six to seven kilo-metres (three and a half to four and a half miles), which is known to be good for the health," he says. "People play golf into old age, and there are also positive social and psychological aspects to the game that can be of help."

The study does not rule out that other factors than the actual playing of the game, such as a generally healthy lifestyle, being contributory to the lower death rate observed amongst golfers. However, the researchers believe it is likely that the playing of the game in itself has a significant impact on health.

Golf players have a lower death rate regardless of sex, age and social group. The effect is greater for golfers from blue-collar professions than for those from white-collar professions. The lowest rates are found in the group of players with the lowest handicap (i.e. the best golfers).

"Maintaining a low handicap involves playing a lot, so this supports the idea that it is largely the game itself that is good for the health," says Professor Ahlbom.

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B. Farahmand, G. Broman, U. de Faire, D. Vagero, A. Ahlbom. Golf: a game of life and death - reduced mortality in Swedish golf players. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, Published article online: 28-May-2008 DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0838.2008.00814.x

Tour Fit for Golf will help you improve your game and maximise your health, join free today to optimise your game and join us in improving the health of golfers everywhere.

About roadtohealth, Tour Fit for Golf & Golf Fit Solutions Ltd.

roadtohealth was formed to create innovative and effective solutions to enable everybody to fully understand their current state of health, learn how healthy they could possibly be and then achieve it.

Our unique 'Q Score' provides an easily understood 'health state' benchmark and our personalised 'health-coach' programme provides the most effective and accessible, self-empowered health improvement programme for any individual.

roadtohealth runs health risk management and health risk assessment programs for some of the Worlds leading insurers. 
Tour Fit for Golf is the coming together of the unique 'Q Score' and all the information and knowledge you need to be a better golfer. In collaboration with the PGA European Tour we are able to bring you the best advice in terms of performance optimisation that will allow you to fulfil your golfing potential.

Golf Fit Solutions Ltd. is the entity that pulls together all the knowledge and research that has gone into this unique approach to performance optimisation. With contributions from the European Tour's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roger Hawkes and the Director of Tour Physiotherapy Rob Hillman we have been able to put together a comprehensive program of performance and health optimisation.

The background research into the European Golf market for Tour Fit for Golf has been undertaken by Tom Janczyk, our co-founder and Director of Strategy and Research.